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Earmolds & Earplugs

Loud noise, either sudden or ongoing, can cause permanent hearing loss. Many people suffer from hearing loss that developed long after excessive noise exposure. Protecting your hearing is critical to having good hearing over your lifetime. There are two main types of hearing protection available from Coastal Hearing Care — earmolds and earplugs.


Earmolds can be used for medium to high-noise exposure areas. They are offered as full-shell or half-shell, and we can help you determine the best choice for you. A more spongy type of earmold can be comfortable for those who find a hard-shell mold uncomfortable. Full-shell earmolds are best for high-noise areas, while half-shell molds are useful for medium-noise environments. Earmolds can be a good choice for people who find earplugs uncomfortable.

Earmolds can also contain a device called a filtered attenuator that allows the wearer to hear voices or other sounds around them while wearing the earmolds. They can be useful for musicians or other artists who need to hear sounds while protecting their hearing. Earmolds can also be useful for pilots or other persons who need to wear headsets.


Earplugs are popular for many people, but if not fitted correctly they can offer a false sense of hearing protection. Anyone exposed to loud noise should have earplugs custom fitted by Coastal Hearing Care to ensure a proper fit. There are also earplugs available for swimmers to keep out water. Earplugs can vary in the amount of ambient sound they allow, which is similar to earmolds. Over-the-counter earplugs may not provide adequate hearing protection. Coastal Hearing Care can help you determine the best earplugs for your individual needs.

Hearing Protection

If you are a worker or musician regularly exposed to high sound levels, a regular hearing test from Coastal Hearing Care allows us to track any changes in your hearing and recommend solutions before you suffer permanent hearing loss. Call us for your hearing test appointment.

If you are interested in any of our hearing protection products or a hearing test please call Coastal Hearing Care in Bradenton FL at 941-229-2122.