A Few Tips for New Hearing Aid Wearers

Are you new to hearing aids? Any time we begin to use new products or equipment, there’s a bit of a learning curve or an adjustment period that can be a little tricky. Hearing aids may require some acclimation time as you get used to hearing in different environments.

We’d like to offer you a few tips that should allow for an easier transition.

Tips for New Hearing Aid Wearers

A Few Tips for New Hearing Aid Wearers

Resist Making Too Many Changes

Higher-quality hearing aids are capable of adapting automatically to the sounds you experience. This might not work as well if you manually alter the sound settings too often. Coastal Hearing Care produces hearing aids with all sorts of helpful features that can remedy various issues, like, for example, coordinating them with your cell phone or laptop computer.

Ease Your Way Into Louder Environments

It may become a huge culture shock when you first encounter loud environments with your new hearing aid. We recommend an incremental approach to expose yourself to places like restaurants, musical events, large conferences, and other high-volume atmospheres.

Wear Them Less Often Initially

Similar to the previous point, you might want to take it slow even just wearing them in the first place. This might mean wearing them for a few hours each day for a week or two until you get used to a greater variety of sounds.

Trust us on this. You won’t believe the level of sound diversity all around you until you use a hearing aid. If you aren’t sure about something, always consult your audiologist for advice.

Maintain Your Hearing Aids

It should go without saying that it’s crucial to take extra care of an expensive and high-quality instrument. Ask us about cleaning kits and don’t forget that we can help with damaged hearing aids through our repair service.

Practice Patience

This one may be the hardest. Many of us struggle with patience, but it’s ultimately a big part of the journey with hearing aids. Take solace, however, in the fact that our hearing aids have a track record of proven results and our patients report drastically better hearing while using them.

Coastal Hearing Care offers comprehensive hearing services that include hearing aids, earmolds, earplugs, and diagnostic procedures. We offer great opportunities for new patients, including a complimentary hearing exam. If you’re experiencing difficulty using your hearing aid, don’t hesitate to call us at 941-229-2122.