Are Your Hearing Aids Outdated?

Nothing can be more frustrating than outdated or damaged hearing aids. Modern technology gives us such an opportunity to recover lost hearing with these wonderful devices. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep them running, test them periodically, and consult your audiologist ASAP if you suspect a problem.

Are you experiencing any of these signs of outdated hearing aids?

You notice your hearing is fading in and out all the time.

Sometimes when your hearing becomes inconsistent, it’s because your hearing aid has low batteries or other issues. If charging or replacing the batteries doesn’t resolve the matter, please notify us so we can inspect your hearing aids and prescribe new ones if necessary.

Your hearing aid has ceased working altogether.

Again, check the battery, but if your hearing aid stops working altogether, we’ll help you explore replacement options.

It picks up a lot more whistling noises and strange sounds.

Your hearing equipment should not make whistling noises. Of course, there are other things that cause whistling and ear ringing. It could be something as simple as ear wax impaction, but your hearing aids could have problems as well.

You’ve experienced a decline in your hearing capability.

If your hearing condition worsens, you should probably visit us for a quick consultation. Then, we can evaluate both your ears and hearing aids to determine a solution. We don’t want you to go too long with hearing loss, so it’s important to contact us soon if you notice symptoms worsening.

Hearing Aid Resources from Coastal Hearing Care

Coastal Hearing Care has several outstanding hearing aid technologies that allow tremendous hearing recovery. Here’s a quick preview of our customizable hearing equipment:

Invisible Hearing Aids

Our brands are tailor-fit to match your ear anatomy as closely as possible. Many clients don’t like the potential stigma of wearing hearing aids, but we make ones that nobody else will even notice.

Multiflex Tinnitus Technology

Some tinnitus sufferers use hearing aids to create comforting sounds, which counteract the aggravating ringing, buzzing, or whooshing noises that torment them. This is compatible with several of our other hearing care solutions.

Livio AI

This novel technology uses AI to not only improve hearing but even monitor brain health and other conditions. It even has settings that allow you to hear someone speaking through their face mask.

This is just a quick sampling of our hearing aid products and solutions. There are several other ways to upgrade your hearing aids if you suspect they’re outdated or damaged.

We serve so many clients who enjoy substantially better hearing when they use our state-of-the-art hearing aids and accessories. If you’d like to learn more about our various hearing services, contact Coastal Hearing Care anytime at 941-229-2122.