Attention Hearing Aid Users!

Not hearing as well as you like?

Dr. Kristin DesErmia will test your hearing and evaluate your hearing aid settings to determine if adjustments can be made to improve your speech clarity and hearing in noise. Using the industry’s Best Practices and the latest in hearing aid fitting and verification technology, you can see for yourself if your hearing aids are doing what they should.


One Week Only, May 3-7

You’ll receive a Complimentary Upgrade to rechargeable batteries with the purchase of new hearing aids! ($400 value)

And for only $50, you can receive a hearing aid evaluation and consultation with our Doctor of Audiology!

Come and see Dr. DesErmia for your hearing exam and a custom treatment plan for your hearing loss.

See a doctor, not a salesperson! Call us to schedule your evaluation at 941-229-2122 and visit us at our NEW second location at 4827 27th Street in Bradenton!