Hearing Loss and Dementia

“I used to worry about my dad. I live out of state and call home weekly. On the phone, Dad didn’t seem like himself. He was aloof and sometimes unresponsive. I used to worry that he wasn’t following me on the phone or participating at family gatherings because of memory loss, dementia, or something else. But surely enough, once he could hear well, he was back to his old self. He smiled, laughed, and engaged in conversation just like he used to. Hearing aids were a game changer. They literally brought him back to life.”

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Let Coastal Hearing Help with Tinnitus Treatment

It is estimated that within a year’s time, 10% of American adults experience some form of tinnitus. While some instances only last about five minutes, other cases are significantly more severe and long lasting. And though tinnitus is not life-threatening, it is still extremely disruptive to daily life and can cause a lot of discomfort and suffering for those who have it. Tinnitus can be distracting and make people have a lack of focus or inability to concentrate, and it can lead to sleep issues. And, understandably so, it can cause a great deal of stress, anxiety, and irritability. Thankfully, there are some treatment options for tinnitus.

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Attention Hearing Aid Users!

Not hearing as well as you like? Dr. Kristin DesErmia will test your hearing and evaluate your hearing aid settings to determine if adjustments can be made to improve your speech clarity and hearing in noise. Using the industry’s Best Practices and the latest in hearing aid fitting and verification technology, you can see for … Read more

Stress Awareness Month

It’s hard to believe the novel coronavirus began sweeping the nation almost one year ago. In the blink of an eye the entire world was turned upside down. Shelves went bare in grocery stores, businesses closed, jobs were lost, and social distancing became the “new normal”. Many people were forced to find creative solutions to work from home while also caring for their family. All of these factors created the perfect storm for life to feel very heavy and stressful.

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Let Coastal Take the Hassle out of Hearing Aid Repairs

Today’s hearing aids are complex devices, and eventually they may need repair. Even if you take care using your hearing aid there are times that you may find it is not working. This is the time to think of Coastal Hearing Care as your hearing aid repair location. We can look at your hearing aid and determine the best repairs needed to get it back in working order.

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Will Wearing Hearing Aids Interfere with My Glasses?

One of the most common questions patients ask me during a hearing aid consultation is, “Will wearing hearing aids interfere with my glasses?” I understand. Wearing one extra thing every day is a scary thought. After the rise of COVID-19 in 2020, we were all graced with yet another accessory–the facemask. Fortunately, hearing aids do NOT interfere with wearing your glasses. In fact, many patients wear both comfortably, mask included!

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Three Statements That Indicate You Need a Hearing Test

This month’s blog is going to be a little different! I have broken down some of the most common statements that individuals with untreated hearing loss report. Often when someone is suffering from untreated hearing loss they state that they don’t know if the problem is due to hearing loss, their spouses’ voices, or their … Read more

Three Habits for Better Hearing in the New Year

Your habits may be sabotaging your hearing. In this article, discover how implementing exercise, hearing protection, and social interaction can help maintain your hearing even as you age. Exercise The pandemic has caused several of us to forsake the gym this year. Have you heard of the “quarantine 15?” Obviously, several factors contribute to gaining … Read more