Improving Relationships with Hearing Loss Treatment: Overcoming Communication Challenges

Hearing loss comes with a lot of challenges. One of the biggest challenges is communicating within your relationships. If you want to improve your important relationships with hearing loss treatment, keep reading. The first step towards improving your important relationships with hearing loss treatment is understanding hearing loss. Not only do you need to understand … Read more

Driving Habits & Hearing Loss: What You Should Know

Each year, millions of Americans suffer from hearing loss in some capacity. For years, we’ve all been warned about the various factors that can contribute to this, such as loud stereo and television volumes and working in an occupation that emits loud noises. An area that sometimes gets overlooked is the driving habits that we … Read more

When Should I See an Audiologist?

Hearing is one of the most critical senses that humans rely on for communication and interaction with the world around them. However, hearing loss is a common problem that can impact people of all ages. If you are experiencing hearing problems, you should consider seeing an audiologist, who is a specialist in diagnosing and treating … Read more

Is It Time for New Hearing Aids?

It’s been well-documented that there are millions of Americans who suffer from hearing loss. As such, proper care of your hearing and obtaining a hearing aid, if necessary, are both important things to consider as we progress toward middle and senior age. If you’re one of the millions who rely on hearing aids to live an elevated quality of life, then knowing if and when it’s time to get a new pair makes all of the difference in the world. Today, we’ll be going over the various items that determine when the time is right. 

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March 1-7 is Hearing Awareness Week

This week, March 1st through 7th, is Hearing Awareness Week, a terrific time to highlight the importance of auditory care. Although there have been hearing healers/doctors since antiquity, this awareness week is a recent idea, started in Australia, where over one-fifth of the population has mild-to-severe hearing difficulty.

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