Which Hearing Aid Style is Best for Your Needs?

How much do you know about the various styles of hearing aids? We’re blessed to have so many more options as technology develops to include a fantastic new frontier of opportunities. This even includes novel hearing aid features such as artificial intelligence (AI). What are the most common hearing aid styles? Continue reading to see … Read more

Is It Time for New Hearing Aids?

It’s been well-documented that there are millions of Americans who suffer from hearing loss. As such, proper care of your hearing and obtaining a hearing aid, if necessary, are both important things to consider as we progress toward middle and senior age. If you’re one of the millions who rely on hearing aids to live an elevated quality of life, then knowing if and when it’s time to get a new pair makes all of the difference in the world. Today, we’ll be going over the various items that determine when the time is right. 

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Are Your Hearing Aids Outdated?

Nothing can be more frustrating than outdated or damaged hearing aids. Modern technology gives us such an opportunity to recover lost hearing with these wonderful devices. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep them running, test them periodically, and consult your audiologist ASAP if you suspect a problem.

Are you experiencing any of these signs of outdated hearing aids?

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Dedicated Hearing Care and Its Importance

You can’t put a price on great hearing care, which a lot of folks take for granted until they experience hearing loss, tinnitus, or some other frustrating condition. There are two components to taking care of your hearing: 1) good personal habits (like using hearing protection in noisy places), and 2) dedicated hearing care.

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These Tips Will Help Keep Your Hearing Aids Clean and Working

Hearing aids are incredible devices that help the hearing impaired in an immeasurable way.  As the technology behind them advances year after year, many worry the maintenance to keep them working will get more complicated as well.  However, it isn’t difficult to keep your hearing aids clean and working at 100% as long as you abide by the following tips!

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