Combining Hearing Aids and Glasses: Tips and Insights

Every year, millions of Americans are diagnosed with problems that are closely associated with hearing loss. The good news is that here in our modern age of technology, hearing loss is possible to live with, and there are several items that can be utilized that will allow you to enjoy a certain quality of life. You probably have a decent amount of questions when it comes to hearing aids, especially how you can wear BTE (Behind the Ear) hearing aids with your eyeglasses. The good news is that the answer to that inquiry is a definitive “yes!” 

Combining Hearing Aids and Glasses: Tips and Insights

Behind the Ear & Ahead of Innovation 

BTE hearing aids are one of the best technological breakthroughs to happen with hearing loss in quite some time. Many people who need hearing aids want something that’s discreet and still capable of increasing their hearing efficiency. BTE allows for both. BTE hearing aids are discreet and are nowhere nearly as visible as some of the designs that were available in previous years. They’re also recommended for adults who lead active lifestyles, as they can be held within the ear much easier than other types of hearing aids. 

Using a BTE Hearing Aid with Eyeglasses 

If you’re concerned about whether or not you can wear a BTE hearing aid and your eyeglasses at the same time, the first thing you need to know is that this concern is unfounded. If you’re ready to either get your first pair of glasses or a new pair, selecting a set with thin frames can allow you to utilize your hearing aid while keeping it discreet. If you’re unsure of how you can wear both at once, be sure to talk to your healthcare provider, and both of you can come up with a comprehensive plan of action that will allow you to use both and enrich your quality of life. 

What To Do When You Get Your BTE Hearing Aid 

Getting a BTE hearing aid will take some time to get used to, especially if you’re wearing it with your glasses. The important thing to remember is that patience is a virtue and one you should take the time to exercise. Once you get used to using both, you’ll find that your quality of life is vastly superior to what it once was. 

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