Crackling in Your Ears? Here is Some Relief

Is there anything more bothersome than experiencing a strange sound in your ear? Sometimes it’s a buzzing or ringing, and sometimes it’s the dreaded crackle.  Coastal Hearing Care is here to help you understand why that irritating sensation occurs and how to make it go away! 

Crackling in Ears Rellief

Crackling can occur when you yawn or swallow, but it sometimes even occurs from simply talking or moving your head.  It can be a small rattling sound or mimic someone crumpling tissue paper.  It can also be a popping sound.  Several different things can be causing it.  One of the main culprits is a blockage in your ear caused by earwax.   Also known as cerumen, it protects your ears from bacteria and objects that might make their way into your ear canal.  Too much of it, however, can be a bad thing.  Excess earwax causes blockages that can lead to crackling sounds and poor hearing.  You may experience pain, itchiness, or pressure as well.

Another possible reason for crackling sounds is temporomandibular joint disorders.  These are also commonly called TMD or TMJD and affect the temporomandibular joint that connects your jawbone to your head.  When the joint stops working correctly, it doesn’t open smoothly.  When you open and close your mouth to talk, yawn, eat, and more, the crackling sound may result from an issue with your joint.

Middle ear myoclonus can also cause crackling in the ears.  Also known as MEM, middle ear myoclonus is a type of tinnitus.  Typically, tinnitus causes a ringing, but with MEM, muscles in your middle ear spasm, causing the crackling buzzing sound.

Finally, there are acute otitis media.  These are infections in the middle ear that occur when bacteria make their way inside.  This often results in a lot of pain, headaches, nausea, and confusion in combination with the irritating sound.

If you are experiencing any sort of consistent crackling sounds, it’s important to figure out the cause.  Seeing a medical professional will ensure the best course of treatment.  Antibiotics can be prescribed for any type of infection, and fluid build-up tends to dissipate on its own after a cold.  If the issue is persistent, doctors sometimes recommend ear tubes or balloon dilation.  Problems with the jaw joints can sometimes require surgery, and earwax blockage can often be removed with simple over-the-counter ear drops.

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