Florida Humidity and Your Hearing Aids

The humidity in Florida is pretty intense sometimes. It can contribute to many problems like allergies, mold/mildew overgrowth, and even make your car rust.

Did you know that humidity is also detrimental to your hearing aids? Yes, and we’d like to show you why, and what you can do about it.

Florida Humidity and Your Hearing Aids

Why Humidity Affects Your Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are sophisticated instruments, composed of sensitive electronic technology, which can damage easily without proper care. You probably already know that most hearing aids cannot go in the water (with but a few exceptions, like some devices from Phonak). Alas, Florida’s persistent humidity can slowly take its toll on hearing equipment as well, almost like a very gradual moistening.

This can be a legitimate problem for hearing patients. Don’t forget that you may also sweat a lot when it’s warm and humid, which only exacerbates the problem. When sweat or any other water gets into your ear, even a small amount, it can destroy your hearing aid.

Signs of Hearing Aid Damage from Humidity

You may need a hearing aid replacement if you notice any of these damage signs.

  • You notice more static and cracking.
  • Your hearing goes in and out, or seems much more distorted. This is a sign that they’re only working part of the time.
  • It becomes harder to charge them if the battery becomes damaged (though it’s easy to swap out a new one and see if things get better).
  • The hearing aids stop working altogether.

What You Can Do About it

Sometimes we can repair your hearing aids if you catch the problem soon enough. We can always help you replace them, but our team also fixes almost any of the popular hearing-aid brands, including Starkey, Oticon, Rexton, or Signia. You may also qualify for a free or inexpensive repair if the product is still under its manufacturer’s warranty.

Most of our repair work does not require us to send them anywhere, so you can enjoy the convenience of a prompt solution right here in Bradenton. Whatever you do, don’t wait too long to visit us if you think you have a compromised hearing aid. Such a delay could contribute to worse hearing loss.

We hope you found this information about hearing aids and humidity helpful. You can always rely on expert assistance when you work with the trained audiologists at Coastal Hearing Care. We can help you avoid the frustration of broken hearing equipment that comes from excessive humidity.

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