Four Habits to Protect Your Hearing on the Job

If you work in construction, production, or shipping, chances are your work area is noisy. Keeping yourself safe on the job is of the utmost importance and safeguarding your hearing is no exception to this. There are preventive measures you can take, and we’ve compiled a list of four that can help you keep your hearing safe while you’re at work. 

Protect Your Hearing While on the Job with Coastal Hearing Care

Get Yourself Some Protection

Noise-reducing equipment might be the most important tool on a job site. One of the best investments you can make is a set of earplugs. They’re cheap, easy to carry around, and will be one of your best lines of defense when it comes to hearing protection. Normally, a job site will have information posted about what PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) is mandatory while working. If you’re unsure, talk to a supervisor about what protocol your company practices. 

Avoid Loud Environments Whenever Possible 

While this might be an option depending on where you work, keeping a safe distance from loud areas when you aren’t properly protected is important for your wellbeing. You wouldn’t go on a construction site without your hard hat, and the same applies to the louder areas of the workplace. Utilize hearing protection when present, and avoid noisy areas all together whenever possible. 

Manage Your Stress Levels

There’s no denying that any workplace can be hectic and stress-inducing. It might not always be easy, but keeping your stress under control and at a manageable level will help you stay safe at work. While you might think medications can help this matter, talk to a medical professional before taking anything. Some medicines such as Ibuprofen have been linked to hearing loss. If you feel a certain task might be too stressful or can potentially cause harm, talk to your supervisor. OSHA guidelines state that workers have a right to refuse work that is dangerous or unsafe. 

Consult a Physician for Regular Check-Ups 

While you might not notice a decline in your hearing ability, getting them regularly checked by a medical professional can site any changes. They’ll be able to tell if they’re in decent shape or if there’s been a substantial amount of damage. If there have been, they can recommend some preventative measures or prescribe a listening device if necessary. 

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