Getting a Loved One to Take a Hearing Test

Self-care is one of the most important aspects of living. And while we usually do a good job at looking after ourselves and our loved ones, sometimes it’s difficult to get those closest to us to admit that they have an issue that needs attention. Among these problems that can come up throughout our lifetime is hearing loss. And while we might notice if someone close to us is beginning to suffer from a loss of hearing, they can’t always tell themselves. No one wants to admit that their hearing isn’t as good as it once was, and getting a loved one to see a professional is sometimes easier said than done. 

Signs of Hearing Loss 

Before we go over the proper way to encourage an appointment with a medical professional, it’s important that you know what signs to look for when it comes to hearing loss. If you don’t live with the person but interact with them over the phone, you might notice that they have trouble hearing some parts of the conversation. This is an early sign to pay attention to. If you live with the individual, pay attention to certain aspects, such as how loud they need the TV on and if you have to repeat yourself several times because they have difficulty understanding what you’re saying. 

Choose the Right Time and Place 

Discussing any medical issue, especially hearing loss, is a very sensitive issue, and it’s important that you bring it up at the ideal time and place. Before initiating a conversation, take some time to evaluate the signs and behaviors of the person you want to talk to. It’s good to do this in a quiet one-on-one setting and not during a public gathering. 

Ask the Right Questions

There’s a vast difference between empathy and experience. Asking the right questions and not being too invasive are important. Let this person know that you’re concerned about their well-being and ask what you can do to help. No one likes being bossed around, and it’s important to remember not to overstep personal boundaries when discussing a subject such as this. 

Coastal Hearing Care 

Hearing loss affects millions of Americans every year. If you or someone you know is showing some of the early warning signs, or you simply want to have your hearing tested, we can help you maintain your quality of life. Visit us online for more information or stop by at 5860 Ranch Lake Blvd, Suite 110, in Lakewood Ranch.