Habits That Are Damaging to Your Hearing Health

Maintaining proper hearing health is crucial to living a positive and healthy life. Certain daily routines could hurt hearing health that you may not even realize. These issues can easily be fixed by taking action or going for regular checkups with an audiologist. Let’s take a closer look at 7 habits that are damaging to your hearing health so you can begin making the necessary changes. 

Habits Damaging to Hearing Health

Exposure to Water 

Moisture can be very damaging to specific parts of the ear. The middle part of the ear consists of a cavity filled with air. If this cavity or middle ear system is exposed to water bacteria can begin to grow. Bacterial growth can eventually lead to infections in the ear canal. To avoid this issue it’s important to always pat your ears dry after showering. Waterproof earplugs are also a great idea if you’re planning on swimming. 

Loud Sounds

Teens and young adults tend to suffer from noise-induced hearing loss. Exposure to loud sounds can happen by partaking in many activities such as video gaming with headphones, listening to the radio, watching television, or visiting busy restaurants. To protect yourself from these sounds it’s recommended to reduce the volume by at least 40%. Modern devices may come equipped with an auto-volume limit if you’re unsure about certain safety levels. 

Inserting Cotton Swabs

The most well-known way to clean your ears that can be damaging is inserting a cotton swab. Accidents can always happen including tearing the eardrum which is why items should never be inserted into the ear. Ears are self-cleaning and can prevent foreign objects from entering them. If you need to remove a wax building home remedies with oil can help or an appointment with the audiologist may be needed. 

Not Enough Protection

Exposure to noise that can damage your hearing health can occur at home or on the job. It’s always important to keep your ears protected whether you’re working on a construction site or visiting a movie theater. If you know ahead of time that you’re going to be exposed to prolonged amounts of increased volume, earplugs are a great choice. Over-ear protectors can be used during brief exposure to reduce the chances of damage occurring. 

Poor Diet & Exercise 

You may not have realized that poor lifestyle choices can negatively affect your hearing health. Stress, poor diet, and minimum or no exercise can lead to hearing problems. Making time for exercise will result in better blood flow into the ears. Better blood flow will also allow the inner ear to function at its best. 

Inadequate Quiet Time

Leaving room for more quiet time throughout our hectic schedules will be extremely beneficial to our ears. Ears need time to recover if you’re constantly exposed to loud noise at work or if you’ve recently been to a concert or visited anywhere with loud noises. Your ears can require up to 16 hours of quiet time to fully recover from the prolonged high volume of noise. 

Missing Checkups 

Visits to an audiologist will help keep your ears as healthy as possible. Even if you feel your hearing health is at its best, it’s always beneficial to go for a hearing test. Hearing loss develops slowly and can be treated if symptoms are noticed early. Taking action and not missing any routine checkups will only benefit you over time. 

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