How Often Should You Go for a Hearing Test?

You certainly know that good hearing cannot be taken for granted. A hearing test is a useful way to keep a firm grasp on how well you’re hearing high-pitch and low-pitch sounds. While It’s one of the best ways to diagnose problems early and detect hearing loss, how often should you go for a hearing test?

Screening Versus Testing

How Often Should You Go for a Hearing Test?

Screening and testing work a little differently. A screening is done more in the vein of “pass or fail.” This is the simpler test that you might do at your workplace, courtesy of your employer usually if you work in a noisy environment. Failing a screening usually means you would need to see a hearing professional for more thorough diagnostics. There you’ll learn more intricately about the kind of hearing loss you may be experiencing as well as how to treat it.

At a hearing test, the audiologist will test your hearing to evaluate your ability to hear all sorts of sounds. The hearing doctor will be able to tell from there which parts of your ears are helping you hear properly as opposed to the ones that are damaged or hindered.

Healthy adults (ages 18 through 40) without obvious hearing problems should receive a hearing test about every three to five years.

How Do You Know If You Should Go More Often?

There are some general rules of thumb that indicate whether you should get your hearing tested more frequently.

  • Anyone over the age of 60
  • You are exposed to loud noises on a regular basis
  • You already have hearing loss
  • You notice sudden changes in your ability to hear
  • You experience muffling of speech, difficulty understanding words, difficulty hearing consonants, need others to repeat themselves often

How Do Hearing Tests Work?

The good news is that hearing tests are non-invasive, so there isn’t a need to get overly anxious about it at all. The test is performed in a silent room where you wear headphones connected to an audiometer. The test itself involves hearing and responding to various tones made at different pitches and levels. There are also ways to test your comprehension of audible speech. The audiologist may ask you to repeat certain words to determine if you hear them properly.

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