How to Prevent Hearing Loss with Healthy Habits

Unfortunately, not every form of hearing loss is preventable, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t healthy ways you can prevent hearing loss. After all, no matter which doctor you ask, it’s never too late to start adopting a healthy lifestyle or wearing hearing protection. 

Additionally, adopting your hearing doctor’s advice can go a long way in protecting your hearing health so consider visiting us at Coastal Hearing Care before it’s too late. Yet, before you make an appointment with us, you can start following these healthy habits that prevent hearing loss as you age. 

What Are The Causes Of Hearing Loss?

Before we dive into explaining the healthy ways you can prevent hearing loss, we want to talk about the primary causes of it. Have a look below to learn more:

  • Noise: Do you find yourself frequently exposed to high levels of noise? If so, you might want to rethink your environment. When humans are exposed to loud sounds over time, the hair cells in their ears become damaged, leading to hearing loss. 
  • Age: Unfortunately, as you age, the tiny hairs inside your inner ear slowly begin to break down. When this happens, your ears cannot pick up on certain sound vibrations as they should. This often leads to you turning your volume up or asking people to repeat themselves. 

These Are The Ways You Can Prevent Hearing Loss

Now that you know the main causes of hearing loss, we want to discuss how you can prevent it from happening. However, if you have already noticed you’re suffering from hearing loss, you can speak with our experts at Coastal Hearing Care, who can help you determine how to proceed. 

Have a look below to learn our pro tips for preventing hearing loss. 

Try To Limit Being Around Loud Sounds

There are times when you cannot limit being around loud noises and sounds like road construction and ambulances. However, whenever possible, you should ensure your ears remain protected. For example, if you enjoy going to concerts, it’s best to wear protective gear when possible to ensure your ears remain unharmed. 

Manage Your Diabetes

Did you know that those with diabetes are almost twice as likely to have hearing loss than those living without this disease? Like high blood pressure, having diabetes, unfortunately, damages the cells in your inner ears prematurely. That’s why if you have diabetes, you need to manage it by keeping your blood sugar under control. If you can do this, you’re unlikely to damage your ears too severely. 

Learn Your Family History

It’s true that knowing your family history won’t directly prevent your hearing loss; it doesn’t hurt as it can help you learn if you’re at an elevated risk. With your family history known, you can catch any hearing issues early before they negatively impact your life. Additionally, your doctor will have a starting point and know what you need to preserve your hearing, depending on your family history. 

Stress Less & Monitor Your Exercise

We know it’s easier said than done, but two of the absolute best ways to prevent any hearing loss are to stress less and monitor your exercise regimes. Chronically high-stress levels are incredibly unhealthy for your hearing, so it’s best to follow stress management tips and tricks to keep your hearing healthy. Additionally, incorrect weightlifting at the gym or home could damage your hearing, so be sure to only lift what’s recommended and healthy. 

Check Medications For Hearing Loss Side Effects

Not many people realize this, but more than 100 medications can damage a person’s hearing, including antibiotics and cancer-fighting drugs. In addition, even taking aspirin at high doses can damage your hearing if you’re not careful. That’s why it’s best to always ensure you know if the medication you’ve been put on is going to harm your hearing so that you can plan around it. 

Get A Hearing Test Today At Coastal Hearing Care

It’s evident that there are numerous ways that you can prevent hearing loss. Although prevention is better than a cure, our team at Coastal Hearing Care can help you with your hearing concerns or problems. We can arrange for you to undergo a hearing test and then guide you on your next steps, depending on the results. Give us a call today at 941-229-2122.