Learn How Long Hearing Aids Typically Last

Millions of Americans suffer from hearing loss. Each year, many of these same people take steps to assist them in maintaining their quality of life by getting a hearing aid. At the time of this procedure, patients have many questions. Among the most commonly asked is, “How long does a hearing aid last?” Depending on the quality of the hearing aid you decide to purchase, you can expect one to last for a period of five to seven years and maybe even longer. That said, there are a number of factors that determine your hearing aid’s longevity. 

Learn How Long Hearing Aids Typically Last

What Type of Hearing Aid You Have 

Like many other devices that are meant to enrich your quality of life, hearing aids come in a variety of different types, and these can vary in terms of quality. Many hearing aids that are prescribed by a medical specialist are made of high-quality materials that are meant to keep such things as moisture, dirt, and ear wax out of them. When you meet with your doctor, they will most likely go over the various types of aids that your insurance will cover. 

Storage & Upkeep 

One of the major factors in ensuring that your hearing aids work for a lengthy amount of time is proper storage and routine maintenance. Your hearing aid should be taken out before physical activities such as swimming and should never be worn to sleep. It’s advised that you wipe down your hearing aids at least once a day to prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust. When you first get your hearing aids, it might take some time to get used to and get comfortable with them. Most medical professionals schedule a follow-up appointment every three to four months to assist with upkeep and ensure to see that your new devices are working properly. 

Daily Activities 

Everyone’s body chemistry reacts in a different way. Depending on your occupation and extracurricular activities, there might be some excessive wear on your hearing aids. If you have a job that causes you to be physically active throughout the course of the day, you might want to inform your doctor and get a set of hearing aids made of durable materials. 

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