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Earwax Removal

Do you need help with heavy earwax accumulation or impacted earwax? 

Although earwax is a normal (and essential) part of your ear canal, it is possible to have too much. Coastal Hearing Care has an earwax removal procedure with specialized equipment, called an “Earigator,” which can help you reduce symptoms and complications related to ear wax impaction.

What is Earwax Removal & Why is it Necessary?

Earwax (AKA cerumen) is a yellow/brown waxy substance that protects your inner ear from foreign material, bacterial infection, and other problems. The glands inside your ear produce this material, but sometimes it can build up into excess. While your ears have a way of discharging excess wax themselves, it’s possible to have so much that it requires manual intervention. 

Unfortunately, most of the trouble with excessive earwax comes from improper removal habits. If someone attempts to clean their ears, but only gets the wax stuck deeper inside the ear canal, then it could become very difficult for it to exit on its own. Sometimes earwax impaction or blockage results from ear trauma or infection. 

If left untreated, excessive earwax can lead to more serious infections, hearing loss, and even tinnitus. 

How Do We Remove Earwax?

Coastal Hearing Care uses the Earigator instrument to remove earwax safely, even after it sinks deep into the ear canal. This device not only irrigates water in and out of your ear, it can even adapt to your body’s temperature. So, you won’t suffer any consequences of having overly hot/cold water go through your ear.

Many of our patients are astounded by how much earwax discharges during a procedure like this. It may take a little while to loosen it sufficiently, but once it comes out, you’ll notice large volumes all at once.

If you’d like to learn more about this procedure, you can watch this short Earigator demo by Dr. Cliff, AuD.

Does Earwax Removal Hurt?

No, unlike other devices that can disrupt the delicate balance inside your ear, our approach won’t lead to vertigo, pain, or other unpleasant sensations. Also, our technique allows us to vary the temperature and water pressure. That eliminates the risk of a perforated eardrum or other hazards that arise from other self-care methods.

Trustworthy Earwax Removal with Coastal Hearing Care in Sarasota

Since this only covers the surface of ear wax removal, we invite you to inquire more about this service by speaking with an audiologist at Coastal Hearing Care. Please remember not to use a “DIY” approach to this problem with cotton swabs or Q Tips since they can damage your ear. We’re more than happy to answer questions about earwax removal at 941-229-2122.