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Hearing Aid Evaluation

Hearing loss either due to aging or exposure to excessive noise over time is something that many of us experience. Coastal Hearing Care feels strongly that no one needs to live a life of poor hearing when there are excellent hearing aids available today using digital technology to tailor them to each patient.

If you feel you need a hearing aid, here is how Coastal Hearing Care will evaluate your hearing loss:

  • We can perform a comprehensive digital evaluation of your hearing using the latest audiological methods available today
  • We can look for medical issues or abnormalities using an otoscope that allows us to visually inspect your ear canals
  • If we feel a hearing aid can benefit you, we will perform a computerized hearing aid test known as a Real Ear Measurement that allows us to create a custom hearing aid package for you

In addition, we want to know more about you and how your hearing loss affects you and your family. We will ask questions about when your hearing loss first became apparent to you, whether you experience ringing in your ears (tinnitus), your general health history, and whether any medication changes have resulted in changes in your hearing.

Coastal Hearing Care offers a wide range of hearing aids to satisfy all types of lifestyles. We offer hearing aids to suit a range of financial budgets and can offer advanced technologies including hearing aids controllable by your smartphone. We will offer suggestions based on your hearing tests but the final decision is yours.

We also offer quality batteries, cleaning services for existing hearing aids, loss and damage insurance, follow-up visits to tune your hearing aids to optimum settings for you, and much more. For more information about our services please call Coastal Hearing Care at 941-229-2122.