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Musician & Sports Noise Protection

If you work in a noisy environment, then it is absolutely necessary that you protect your ears from potential hearing loss. Over time, exposure to prolonged loud noise can cause permanent damage to your hearing. Coastal Hearing Care is the area’s trusted source for audiology needs, and we are experienced in the latest technologies of noise protection. To learn about the noise protection options available, then please read on.

There are many professionals who seek Coastal Hearing Care’s assistance in finding the right protection for their ears. People from the music industry, including musicians, singers, DJs, recording engineers, and sound crew members, trust us to protect their hearing, as do those who work in the sports industry, including athletes, referees, and coaches. Other professionals who visit us for hearing protection work in aviation, construction or other noisy environments that require one to hear what is going on and what people are saying.

While earplugs can help protect your hearing during daily activities like mowing the lawn or swimming, they are not the right choice for working professionals who need to hear the environment they are in. Rather, earmolds are the appropriate choice. Earmolds do not block out sound entirely, so they are the right balance of protection and sound. 

Coastal Hearing Care offers clients both full-shell and half-shell earmolds that are available as a spongy material or as a hard shell. For high noise environments, you will want a set of full-shell earmolds, and medium noise levels can be matched with half-shell earmolds. We also offer earplugs. If you are not sure which option is the right one for you, we can assist you. We can also test your hearing to make sure you have not suffered hearing loss already.

One major bonus of earmolds and earplugs is that they can be custom made to fit your ears precisely. This personalized touch creates the best possible audio experience, preventing muffled sounds or occlusion. And for an extra accent to your earmolds, consider  a filtered attenuator or in-ear musician monitor (IEM). IEMs allow musicians to hear the sounds just like an audience member would hear them, yet the musician's hearing is still protected!

To schedule an appointment with Coastal Hearing Care today, please give us a call at  941-229-2122. We look forward to helping you protect your hearing!