Save Your Hearing Day

Did you know that May 31st marks National Save Your Hearing Day? While there might be many superfluous commemorations nowadays, this is definitely not one of them. We’d love for every day to be about hearing conservation, given how many Americans struggle with this difficult problem.

Save Your Hearing Day on May 31

National Save Your Hearing Day

So, here’s the purpose of National Save Your Hearing Day. It’s a great reminder to never neglect your hearing and remember to take the time to schedule regular tests for all your loved ones. We find that many folks neglect ear care during young adulthood, only to succumb to numerous maladies when they’re older.

We estimate that roughly 50% of hearing loss is preventable. That’s at least what we can glean from recent research. The preventable causes include over-exposure to loud noises, not using hearing protection in loud working environments, teeth grinding, poor diet, poor sleep, and sometimes certain medications.

Of course, there are the other 50% of hearing troubles that may be beyond your control. These are things like genetics, advanced age, serious injuries/trauma, rare illnesses, and neurological disorders. You can’t avoid every cause, but it’s possible to manage hearing loss with effective hearing aids and other instruments.

Coastal Hearing Care’s Approach to Hearing Conservation

Coastal Hearing Care devotes its clinical practice to finding solutions to hearing loss and preventing them from happening at all. That’s the real spirit behind National Save Your Hearing Day. Along with our generous complimentary consultations for new patients, we do all kinds of testing and evaluations both on ears and hearing aids.

It’s not enough to provide basic hearing tests. We take things a step further by utilizing the latest in auditory technology. When you browse our website, you’ll find a plethora of information about restorative hearing instruments like:

  • Livio Edge AI – This uses artificial intelligence to help patients automatically adjust to harsh or noisy environments and better comprehend speech.
  • Digital Hearing Aids – Taking advantage of wireless technology is the wave of the future for modern hearing aids. They utilize Bluetooth and you can program them to go along with your television, stereo, cell phone, and more.
  • Ear Molds – Are you a musician or artist in need of something to muffle the loud sound? Although not a fancy technical item, our earmolds are made with the most durable and effective material. This is critical for hearing protection in the music business.

This only scratches the surface of how we can help safeguard your hearing for many years to come.

Coastal Hearing Care serves the Sarasota, Bradenton, and Lakewood Ranch area with gentle and effective ear-care services. If you’re undecided on who to trust with your hearing, we invite you to read these positive testimonials of ours. Feel free to call us to learn more about our services at 941-229-2122 or fill out the form below.