Take Better Care of Your Hearing in 2022

Let’s be honest, New Year’s Resolutions are rarely followed up on. It’s easy to make lofty goals on December 31st and even easier to forget about them by January 2nd. While diet and exercise might not be easy commitments to keep, taking better care of your hearing is easier than you think. There are a few easy steps to follow that will make 2022 the year in which you have the perfect pitch and increase your overall wellness. 

Technology is Your Friend 

Over two decades have passed since the new millennium began. In that time, the technological breakthroughs have been many. Achievements have been made in the field of hearing assistance, smartphones can transmit data right to hearing aids, and almost any alert can be turned into a vibrating or visual signal and not an audible one. 

Use More Captions and Less Volume 

Television shows and calls can all be close-captioned now. This means that if you notice you don’t hear as well as you used to, you can have these daily occurrences captioned and keep the volume at a low setting that won’t cause sustained damage. 

Cut the Fat

Every year, millions of Americans attempt to get in shape or lose the unsightly extra pounds around their waist. While you might get a slow start to this, it can be beneficial for your hearing. Hearing loss has been linked to obesity in several studies, implementing the right changes in diet and exercise can provide a healthier quality of life in the long run. 

Elect to Protect

If you’re an avid concert-goer or enjoy the explosive celebrations around certain holidays, it might be time to invest in some quality hearing protection. This doesn’t mean you need earmuffs to impede the sounds that make these events enjoyable. There are modern hearing protection devices that limit the amount of sound and dampen the amount that reaches your inner ear. 

Schedule a Checkup at Coastal Hearing Care 

Your hearing is one of the most important assets. Getting it checked on a semi-periodic basis can let you see where your quality of hearing is at. Making an appointment will be one of the best preventative measures you can take to sustain your hearing ability and quality of life. For appointments, more informative articles like this one, and a complete list of services we offer, visit www.coastalhearingcare.com. If you’d like to speak to us directly at Coastal Hearing Care, please call (941) 229-2122!