These Tips Will Help Keep Your Hearing Aids Clean and Working

Hearing aids are incredible devices that help the hearing impaired in an immeasurable way.  As the technology behind them advances year after year, many worry the maintenance to keep them working will get more complicated as well.  However, it isn’t difficult to keep your hearing aids clean and working at 100% as long as you abide by the following tips!

One of the most important things to do is avoid water and keep your hearing aids sanitized.  Always remove them before any water activities or showers.  Hearing aid dryers and dehumidifiers will dry out any lingering liquid and keep them germ-free.

Next up, regularly check the batteries.  If you’re hearing a constant beeping, it likely means your batteries are dying and need to be swapped.  Always keep an extra pair on hand with you in case they die while you’re away from home or a charger if you’re using reusable batteries!

While it may not seem very appealing, it’s important to regularly wipe the wax off your hearing aids.  Wax, or cerumen, builds up naturally on your ear and consequently in and on your hearing aid.  Use a soft, dry cloth to gently wipe off the entire hearing aid.  There are also small brushes specifically designed to clear out the inside of the hearing aid, just use a light hand to remove any earwax build-up each night you wear them when you remove them for the day.

This goes hand in hand with our next tip – replace your wax guard regularly.  This helps to prevent a significant accumulation of skin particles, wax, and any other debris that could work its way into the small crevices.  Changing it out monthly will ensure you’re keeping your tech as clean as possible.  

Last but not least, store them in a safe place!  We know it’s easy to toss them in your pocket if you need to take them off, but this can cause damage to your hearing aids and lint can get trapped in them.  Keep them in a case away from any metal that could damage your batteries.

Coastal Hearing Care can help you with any of your hearing aid needs.  Not only do we provide you with care from the very first step of your hearing aid consultation, but we also provide repairs and fittings.  We carry a full line of hearing aids including digital, wireless, invisible, and custom! If you need any services for your hearing or ear plugs, give us a call at 941-229-2122 to schedule an appointment.