What Situations are Associated with Hearing Loss?

Everybody has at least a vague notion that certain risk factors contribute to either a partial or total loss of hearing. Identifying them is a critical first step in thwarting and preventing hearing difficulties. What situations are associated with hearing loss? 

Heavy Drinking

Drinking can impair hearing perception and it tends to be a greater problem for men than women. Research shows a correlation between heavy drinking and impaired perception.


Too much stress means that the major muscles in your body require more oxygenated blood, and that could come at the expense of oxygen in your inner ear cells. Also, if stress keeps you wide awake at night, then sleep deprivation will have a spillover effect of bad hearing too.

Sleep Apnea

Related to the last item, sleep apnea, or periodic loss of breath while sleeping, can eventually manifest in poor hearing. This impacts older males more than any other demographic.

Hereditary Conditions

Genetics can impact your chances of hearing trouble also. If you know you have a family history of hearing difficulty, you should be proactive about scheduling hearing exams.


Cancer itself is linked to hearing loss, but so is chemotherapy and other cancer treatment options. In particular, the cancer treatments for ovarian, cervical, head, and neck cancers are believed to be the riskiest.

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