Why is a Hearing Test Important?

With all that we have going on in our daily lives, scheduling a hearing test may not seem like a necessity. You may be surprised to learn that you should be going for a hearing test every three to five years if you’re under the age of 60. If you’re 60 and older you should be tested annually. The earlier you’ve diagnosed the more preventative options you have to help with hearing loss. Here are a few other reasons why scheduling a hearing test is beneficial to you. 

Early Start on Treatment 

If you start treating your hearing loss early you can prevent damage from getting even worse. The only way to start treatment is by getting a hearing test and a proper diagnosis. This is a major reason why a hearing test is crucial. Specific groups of people may be more in need of a hearing test sooner than others. Certain elements that you should look out for include working in a noisy environment, frequent ringing or buzzing in your ears, or struggling to hear high-pitched noises. If you do end up with a diagnosis after your test there’s no need to panic. There are many treatments for both mild and severe hearing loss that can help you along the way. 

Tracking Hearing Changes

Tracking any changes in our hearing can also be a step that often gets neglected. Our biology determines how our hearing will be affected over time. Hearing unfortunately doesn’t stay the same for life making another reason why annual tests can be beneficial to you. Even if you have hearing aids already, testing is still important. If your hearing aids need any adjusting the test will determine if everything is set up correctly for your needs. 

Become Aware of Underlying Conditions

Some may think that getting older is the only reason our hearing changes. Unfortunately, many diseases can also contribute to hearing loss. Getting a hearing test can also determine if you have an underlying medical condition that you’re not aware of. People with high blood pressure or type two diabetes have also been shown to be hard of hearing. Getting a hearing test can also help you figure out the lifestyle changes that you should be making to live a healthier life.

Preventing Harmful Conditions

Getting a hearing test can help stop your hearing condition from getting to a severe level. Preventing further damage with the right treatment is key. Being able to hear is also a major part of keeping ourselves safe. If you’re affected by hearing loss you may not be able to hear approaching traffic or a fire alarm. Making sure our hearing is at its best will also keep us safe from any hazardous conditions. 

Hearing tests are important for people of all ages. If you’re ready to make your hearing a priority in your life, schedule your test today with Coastal Hearing Care. Call (941) 229-2122 for your complimentary consultation or you can visit one of our two locations: Bradenton Location: 5860 Ranch Lake Blvd #110 in Bradenton. West Bradenton Location: 4831 27th Street West in Bradenton (Inside Fyzical)