You Can Keep Your Hearing Loss from Getting Worse

Hearing loss can become a source of depression and despair for many of its sufferers. That’s why it’s important to avail yourself of every means possible to prevent hearing loss. Coastal Hearing Care dedicates much of its effort to helping patients cope with the onset and progression of this debilitating problem.

We’d like to share these crucial tips to stop hearing loss from getting worse.

Ways to Keep Your Hearing Loss from Getting Worse

Woman wearing hearings aids

Limit your exposure to noisy areas.

This involves setting the television too loud, going to music venues, and using earbuds excessively. High volume is one of the most common ways of worsening hearing loss.

Use effective hearing protection.

Does your job force you to endure 80 decibels of noise or greater? Do you attend racing events where the cars are even louder? Regardless of what causes the higher volume, we advise you to take precautionary measures and use hearing protection. Earmuffs and earplugs make a big difference in lowering your ears’ exposure to harsh sounds.

Keep an eye on excessive earwax.

Earwax, also known as cerumen, is an important defensive substance that functions as an air filter for your ears. This keeps foreign material from entering the inner ear. Alas, too much of any good thing can become harmful. There’s a condition known as earwax impaction, where earwax accumulates without falling out naturally. When this occurs, you may be at risk for hearing loss (due to blockage) as well as other conditions like Tinnitus.

Be mindful of medications that may lead to hearing loss.

Beware the effects of certain medications, including those for fighting cancer, since they can contribute to ototoxicity (toxic to your ears).

Bolster your overall health.

Our various bodily functions are beautifully-crafted to work in unison with one another. Most of the time, if one area is weak or suffering, other important parts (liver, kidneys, heart) are as well. It’s important to commit yourself to improve your autoimmune health so that you have the best chance of keeping all your faculties healthy and in excellent physiological congress with one another.

Consider one of our many hearing aid options.

Coastal Hearing Care specializes in several cutting-edge and affordable hearing aids. Some of our latest products include AI technology and are easy to recharge without any hassle. Hearing aids are a great way to minimize the strain you get from trying to hear sounds your ears no longer pick up on their own.

Coastal Hearing Care knows how frustrating and demoralizing hearing loss can be for anybody. While we love to find ways of addressing and mitigating hearing difficulties, we don’t want to dismiss valuable preventative measures. If you’d like to learn more about how to reduce the severity of hearing loss, contact us at any time by calling 941-229-2122.