Musicians' Hearing Loss and Prevention

Musicians of all instruments and genres can experience hearing loss. Part of being a musician is being exposed to high decibel ranges and loud music. This can take a toll on one's ability to hear. Sometimes musician hearing loss is called occupational hearing loss and can affect an individual's ability to write, record, listen to, and play music.

Musician hearing problems can range from a ringing in the ears to pitch-perception problems. To prevent hearing loss, musicians should reduce the amount of loud music they listen to. They should also seek custom-fitted musicians' earplugs, which are non-electrical earplugs fitted with custom fillers to make specific sounds in the music spectrum softer and more gentle on the ears. While ordinary earplugs can cut off high-frequency sounds and make music sound muffled and dull, these custom-fitted musicians' earplugs protect the ears and reduce volume without distorting sound.

In-ear monitors can also assist musicians with preventing hearing loss. An in-ear monitor can vary in quality, fit, and length, but they usually provide between 25 and 35 dB of noise reduction. Both in-ear monitor's and custom musicians' ear plugs can be fitted at a professional hearing center. You can also visit a hearing care facility to receive an evaluation of your hearing. 

If you are a musician and you are interested in receiving a hearing exam or a custom-fitted monitor or ear plugs, visit Coastal Hearing Care. You can schedule an appointment with us by calling 941-229-2122. We are located at 5860 Ranch Lake, Suite 110, in Bradenton, and we hope to work with you soon.