Understanding Hearing Loss

There tends to be a common generalization and misconception about hearing loss. This is perfectly normal given the nature of occurrence. Most tend to believe that when it comes to hearing loss, it’s one-size-fits all in the way it affects the ears. But the truth is, there are a lot of variations to hearing loss and it doesn’t happen the same for everyone. Luckily, with today’s vast amounts of innovations, care, and technologies at Coastal Hearing Care, finding a way to combat the different types has never been easier. 

Conductive Hearing Loss

When it comes to hearing, your ability to do so is measured in decibels of sound. The average falls between 15-120db. 120db would be at the range of your average concert whereas 15db would be the sound of a light hum. To adequately test whether or not there is a form of hearing loss happening, evaluations like speech testing are administered. Testing not only determines the severity of hearing loss, but also what type is occurring. 

The first type on that list is called conductive hearing loss. This loss takes place in the inner ear and happens where sounds cannot be conducted properly. Think of it as an orchestra without a conductor, except the venue is something known as the cochlea. This happens because of a fault in the eardrum or canal. It can also be a problem stemming from the middle of the ear. The auditory nerve, which acts as the vehicle for sound to travel from ear to brain remains unaffected. 

One way to tell if you’re suffering from conductive hearing loss is if sounds are muffled. This type can be temporary or permanent. Coastal Hearing Care can determine this of course based on your symptoms and other tests. Some causes include ear infections and earwax blockage. 

Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Another type of hearing loss that Coastal Hearing Care comes across from type to time is sensorineural hearing loss which is a more progressed form of hearing loss. The problem lies in what is called the sensory receptors in the ears. These receptors are almost like antennas for the hearing system and are located in the cochlea. When there is abnormality on the hair cells on the cochlea or they are damaged, those factors prevent the brain from receiving proper brain signals. The effects of sensorineural hearing loss, which can be determined by Coastal Hearing Care, are much the same as conductive where individuals may hear things muffled and could lose the ability to understand speech. 

Mixed Hearing Loss

A more severe form of hearing loss takes place when an individual suffers from what is known as mixed hearing loss. Mixed hearing loss is a combination of conductive and sensorineural hearing loss. The problem usually derives when there is an issue in the inner and middle ear. This type of loss can also be temporary or permanent. 

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